About Us

Welcome to the Kyoto University Career Support Center.

The Kyoto University Career Support Center organizes a variety of career development programs and services to assist all undergraduate & graduate students to prepare for their job hunt. In order to meet the career aspirations and desires of each student and researcher, the Kyoto University Career Support Center runs many programs such as career-building workshops, job preparation sessions, career fairs and individual career counseling (at present, all of the programs are available in Japanese only ).

We at the Kyoto University Career Support Center will always do our best in providing high quality services to assist in the identification of career opportunities and for the development of necessary skills required of students and researchers who are in the market for a job. We welcome all comments and suggestions regarding our website, services and programs so that we may continue to improve them.

We also offer specialized programs and services for doctoral students, which originate from the Kyoto University Career Path (KUCP) programs 2007-2009. After the program, we have hold regular programs to support doctoral students. Please see our website for further details.
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Location and Office Hours

We have 3 offices at each of the three Kyoto University campuses; Yoshida, Katsura and Uji. The Yoshida location is the central office, while the others are satellite offices.

Career Support Center

Services and Facilities


  • Workshop & guidance sessions
  • Career Fair
  • One-on-one career counseling
  • Book Lending
  • Disclosure of alumni list (student ID required, reference only, copying is prohibited.)


  • Job listings accessible via our website (on-campus only)
  • Database of alumni and employers (reference only, copying is prohibited.)
  • Summaries of personal experiences by alumni (student ID required, reference only, copying is prohibited)
  • Library of books and materials to assist with job search activities (student ID required; books loaned for one week)